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Symbolic Neuronal Operations [SNOPS] are at the core of hominid language evolution and animal intelligence!


Zebrafish Systems Neurobiology:

The Future of Neurodynamics Research

Absent efforts to Individually Identify CNS neurons, the dynamical analysis of neural computations is Fraught with Illusion

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Teacher & Professor's Guide.  This is for High School Teachers, tutors, professors, MOOC Instructors and others interested in using our games in-class and/or as a fun learning supplement.

Student Guide for Playing MazeFire Games. This is for the aficionado who REALLY wants to zip thru our Maze Games.

Quick-Start Guide: check out our Top 5 Tips for In-Class and At-Home Play!

This 1-page guide explains HOW to use MazeFire games and WHY you must send your students to they become smarter, have fun studying in groups and are able to review materials before their next course or MOOC.

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1. projecting Maze Games in your classroom
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Semester Paks:
Boost your chops in Bio101, Chem101, MEDscience Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology II, Microbiology200, Neurobiology200 and more.  Below are some sample Maze Exit Pages from these Paks where you get to see all Q&A and Explanations in the maze.

Teachers who would like an Instructors Pak, i.e. the complete contents from a Semester Pak should email us at

You can find all these Exit Pages the ferocious way, i.e. by navigating our mazes to the Maze Exit (then click on EXPLANATIONS), but in the meantime, here are some example exit pages from different Semester Paks.  And if you ever have issues or get stuck, just email your friendly MazeFire professor!

Anatomy and Physiology 2.5 - The Circulatory System
Anatomy and Physiology 2.9 - The Kidneys
Chemistry 101.3 - Bond.  Chemical Bond.
Microbiology 200.6 - Viruses 101
Besides the A&P-II Semester Pak ($3), there is a free MEDscience Physiology Semester Pak.  For all mazes, when you get to the Exit make sure you click where it says: "CLICK HERE FOR EXPLANATIONS" so you can see which questions you got right or wrong.  Also make sure you tell your teachers about these questions so that they use them on upcoming exams!

The Viruses 101  game is from the 10-Maze Microbiology 200 Semester Pak ($3) which runs the gamut from microbial growth and pathogenicity, to bacteria, protozoans, parasites, biotechnology, host defenses and antibiotics.  The Bio101 Semester Pak (free, like most maze games at tests your basic cell bio foundation, which is important for many upper-level semester paks including A&P-II, Microbiology200 and Neurobiology200, a premium Semester Pak ($10).

Why MazeFire Games?  Publishers, Schools and EdTechs interested in making Course Content MORE FUN should review this 1-page essay.  Our patented Digital Maze game is a universal learning algorithm that boosts cognitive advancement and makes classrooms and test-prep a lot more fun.  MazeFire is interested in strategic partnerships that will broadly benefit STEM education and increase the ranks and capabilities of the US STEM workforce.   Moreover, most of our games are freely available and should be of benefit to budding scientists and engineers around the world.  

For more on Synaptic Learning Theory see .ppt files/essays on the DMR page.

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