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Symbolic Neuronal Operations [SNOPS] are at the core of hominid language evolution and animal intelligence!


Zebrafish Systems Neurobiology:

The Future of Neurodynamics Research

Absent efforts to Individually Identify CNS neurons, the dynamical analysis of neural computations is Fraught with Illusion

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Larval to Juvenile Stage

Rebecca is studying prey capture behaviors of both zebrafish and Mexican Blind Cavefish

The larval prey capture behavior undergoes dramatic evolution from its early tracking behavior and capture swim.

Cavefish show interesting variants and predatory behaviors.

Over a period of 6 weeks, predation becomes increasingly fast and versatile, which variants in their mature form are referred to as Juvenile Homing Strikes.  The role of motor learning in this "evo/devo" process is unclear, as is the contribution of innate knowledge (which larval prey capture is entirely based upon).  But what is observed is a truly chaotic transitional period, as summarized in our recent Gordon Conference Poster on the subject.