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NEW: Corona Virus 101, Antibody Testing and VDS
Symbolic Neuronal Operations [SNOPS] are at the core of hominid language evolution and animal intelligence!


Zebrafish Systems Neurobiology:

The Future of Neurodynamics Research

Absent efforts to Individually Identify CNS neurons, the dynamical analysis of neural computations is Fraught with Illusion

2020 Pandemic Information

This page espouses National Antibody Testing and VDS so that y'all can SAFELY return to work.


UPDATES coming to help everyone get tested.

Before your child goes back to school, there is ONE and only one question you should be asking of your school/college: are you antibody-testing all the students?  Coming Link to WHY ANTIBODY TESTING MATTERS.

Systematic Antibody Testing Now!

BACK TO SCHOOL - an Existential Decision

FORM LETTERS will be provided for you to send to your principal or college provost.  You might ask, if my son or daughter gets COVID because YOU did not test, and a family member dies, are you ready to be charged with reckless endangerment?

Massive Antibody Testing is now FEASIBLE and is USEFUL (Live Virus testing is only for hospitals)

ask your State and County for best AB test

VDS is Visible Display of Status (i.e. Covid+/-)

In addition to Massive Antibody (AB) Testing, the US needs BLUE and WHITE cards to be carried by all going out in public.  See the posted VDS and CORVID-101 DOCUMENT to understand why.

Don O'Malley is a Neurobiologist and former member of the US ARMY Chemical Corps w/ Biowarfare knowledge and Microbiology teaching experience.

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