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Symbolic Neuronal Operations [SNOPS] are at the core of hominid language evolution and animal intelligence!


Zebrafish Systems Neurobiology:

The Future of Neurodynamics Research

Absent efforts to Individually Identify CNS neurons, the dynamical analysis of neural computations is Fraught with Illusion

Cortical Soul: Symbolic Operations in the Vertebrate Brain

Poster Presented at 2011 Neuroinformatics Congress

Link: Symbolic Neuronal Memory POSTER

This poster explores symbolic neuronal operations of the vertebrate brain.  Our readily-introspected Daily Memory Records document a symbol-rich, experience-dependent capability for organizing time, space, objects, actions, thoughts and feelings.  These DMRs have implications for animal & human intelligence, sleep, and the emergence of language.  Work in progress is intended to integrate our under-standing of local neuronal operations with computational models so as to produce a more synthetic understanding of the workings of the human brain and mind.  This work will feature technology-rich advances being made on neocortical and other telencephalic / diencephalic circuits.  These advances provide necessary constraints and content with which to formulate an evolution-guided perspective.

ABOVE: Coupled Oscillators can have bistable states: OFF and ON.  This may provide a means of instantly activating links between diverse neuronal symbols in the vertebrate forebrain--while also controlling locomotor behaviors of the larval zebrafish.  See Knudsen et al. 2006.

LEFT: schematic of how the CGM streams organized sets of symbols (integrated percepts) into Consciousness, from which a subset are written into our Daily Memory Records by a flash mechanism, possibly involving silent synapses or coupled oscillators (Gioioso & O'Malley, 2009, SFN abstract/poster).